The purpose of the City of Alachua Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Business Façade Grant Program (Program) is to provide assistance to rehabilitate the facades of commercial buildings within the Community Redevelopment Area.

Grant funds are awarded to projects that best facilitate and foster the goals and objectives of the CRA Amended Community Redevelopment Plan and the CRA Market Study and Economic Development Implementation Plan. A copy of these plans may be found on the CRA’s webpage.

The Program Policies and Procedures are meant to provide applicants with important information about the Business Façade Grant Program requirements. Applicants should use this document as a guide when applying for a grant in order to make sure that all requirements are met. This document may be downloaded by clicking the links provided below.



The Program provides a 50% matching grant between $500 and $5,000 for façade improvement project costs. Grant recipients must provide a cash or loan match of 50% of total project cost. Funding is appropriated annually by the CRA, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants must finish the project and pay all project costs before being eligible for reimbursement.

Grant funds may only be used for projects that improve the aesthetics of the exterior facade of a building. Improvements must be compatible and complementary to buildings located on the same block on both sides of the street. The total project costs may only include labor and materials. No building owner, lessor, lessee, tenant, occupant, employee, or immediate relative of an applicant, either personally or corporately, shall be paid to serve as a contractor or subcontractor for the work to be performed.



Properties that are eligible under the Program must be located within the Community Redevelopment Area and be occupied with a commercial business or have plans to be occupied upon project completion. Eligible buildings must have a facade that is visible from a street or parking lot.

If a building is a multi-use building (e.g. residential and commercial), only the commercial portion of the building is eligible under the Program. Buildings used exclusively for residential purposes are not eligible for the Program.

Interested parties are encouraged to review all Program Policies and Procedures eligibility requirements or to contact the CRA Coordinator to discuss eligibility.

Examples of Eligible Projects   

  • Refurbishing of exterior walls, including repainting, repairs, re-siding or similar cosmetic or structural improvements.
  • Removal of false facades.
  • Facade cleaning other than general maintenance.
  • Stucco restoration or other exterior nonstructural masonry repair.
  • Painting (colors must be compatible or complementary to surrounding buildings).
  • Replacement of damaged windows or doors.
  • Installment or improvements to permanent awnings, canopies, or other coverings over windows or walkways.
  • Adding or increasing windows of storefront.
  • Electrical repairs or additions (directly related to exterior or display window), lights, or awnings.
  • Decorative additions such as sconces and other architectural features.
  • Code violation corrections which also enhance the aesthetics of the façade.

Examples of Ineligible Projects                          

  • Improvements made prior to grant award.
  • Roof repair or replacement.
  • Interior renovations.
  • Non-fixed improvements such as removable awnings with no fixed improvements to the building, removable equipment, etc.
  • General maintenance.
  • Payment for sweat equity.
  • Non-aesthetic improvements


You may download the Business Facade Grant Policies and Procedures, and Appendices by clicking the links below:

Business Facade Grant Program Policies and Procedures

Appendix A- Grant Application

Appendix B- Facade Grant Priorities

Appendix C- Florida Public Record Law Requirements

Appendix D- Map of the CRA Area

Appendix E- Property Owner Authorization Form